My Journey. Our Future: Plant-based tastes of Asia
Thu January 28, 2021
Danisco Planitâ„¢ DuPont
Virtual (Online)

This webinar was conducted in English with Vietnamese and Japanese subtitles available. 

It includes panellists, from DuPont, Green Monday and PHUTURE Foods, and they will be sharing insights on:

  • The potential of meat alternatives and key drivers behind its adoption across Asia
  • Consumer insights on their growing interest in plant-based foods
  • The barriers to plant-based food adoption and how to overcome them

The Asia Pacific region is home to 4.3 billion people – 60% of the world’s population. Already, over a third of this population is eating a low or no meat diet. This percentage is set to continue increasing as consumer priorities shift towards health and sustainability. Food localisation and innovation are key to increase consumer acceptance and market penetration in plant-based meat alternatives. Accessibility will also be a driving force to help grow the category sustainably. 

According to a joint market research study, consumers in APAC perceive their plant-based products as follows:

  • 78% of consumers in APAC believe that consumption of plant-based products will grow in the future
  • 75% of consumers in APAC are willing to pay a similar or premium price to meat for their meat alternatives
  • 83% rate protein as the most important ingredient when choosing plant-based foods. 

The webinar will offer further insights into consumer trends and preferences; and take a step towards making plant-based an everyday meal choice.




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