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Vietnam has officially become the 5th country in the world to be given the permission to export insect-based food to the massive European Union (EU) market, according to the  Ministry of Industry and Trades Agency of Foreign Trade.

Under the ...

HK-based NutryFarm International Limited has entered into 2 binding purchase agreements with Thailand’s Royal Farm Group Co., Ltd (RFG) and Thung Thang Thong Co., Ltd (TTT). Under the agreements, the group has entrusted RFG and TTT to purchase an ...

Thailand, one of the world’s largest food exporter, has projected that its food exports will recover in 2021 with growth estimated at 7.1% to reach Bt 1.05 trillion (US$35 billion).

The Board of Trade, the National Food Institute and ...

Instant noodles is one of a few food segments that enjoyed tremendous growth during the pandemic period and it is expected to continue on its upward trajectory in 2021.

Based on latest data, exports of ramyeon, or Korean version of instant noodles, reached a break record level of US$603 million in 2020, 4 times more than Korea’s signature product, kimchi. This represented a 29.3% growth, all thanks to growing consumer demand for convenience ready-to-eat ...

During the Indonesian Coffee Promotion 2021 held virtually on 26 February, the country’s Alko Sumatra Kopi (ALKO) has formally introduced its speciality-grade Arabica Kerinci coffee to the China market.

This virtual event was organised by Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign ...

Australia wine exporters are facing one of their worst nightmares.

Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed that China bought just 1% of Australian red wine exports in January, a crying distance from 50% share recorded prior to the imposition of the new wine tariffs by China.

As it lost a major market, its international sales of red wine dropped by A$81 million or 53% from December to January.

Late last year, China’s Ministry of Commerce imposed punishing tariffs on Australian wines ranging from 107.1% to 212.1%.


New Zealand exported red meat and co-products worth NZ$738.3 million (US$534 million) in January 2021, according to data from the Meat Industry Association (MIA).

This represented a 14% decline from a year ago, as there was exceptionally strong demand ...

China is looking at alternative sources of fruits and vegetables to feed on its growing population of 1.4 billion people.

Obviously, Central Asia being closed to China offers the most viable option for fresh produces like fruits, vegetables and ...

In February, Vietnam announced plan to impose anti-dumping duties up to 34% on raw sugar from Thailand, claiming that high imports are undermining its own domestic industry.

No decision has been made yet on the date of implementation, however ...

Vietnam is projected to become the world’s largest shrimp producer and exporter by 2045, with a projected output of 4 million tonnes and an export revenue crossing US$20 billion.

This huge projection will result in Vietnam having 25% share of ...




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