GLOBAL Secure-fitting closure from BERICAP that regulates pressure build-up within bottles June 2021

Safe Venting: a future-proof BERICAP innovation to enhance the safety and sustainability of standard and tethered closures.

Imagine taking a sip from a bottle of flavored milk or juice, re-closing it and putting it back on the table or window sill. What happens next? The beverage begins to ferment and internal pressure starts to build up inside the bottle, which is potentially a hazard when you try to open the bottle again. The new BERICAP 3438 - 38mm closure for dairy and juice beverages - solves this problem with an innovative venting technology.


Unintentional fermentation has long been a known issue with certain beverages.  With conventional non-venting sealed closures, internal pressure can build up to 5 bar.  When someone opens a bottle with this kind of internal pressure, the closure can ‘missile off’ loudly and potentially cause injury to the consumer.  At the same time, the beverage can foam out uncontrollably.  An unpleasant experience like this might well dissuade the consumer from buying this brand of beverage again. 

BERICAP has the solution.

Safe Venting regulates over-pressure

The new BERICAP 3438 has patented its ‘Safe Venting’ technology which eases pressure build-up inside the bottle to a safe 1-2 bar.  BERICAP’s double-seal protection has proven effective in preventing ingress/egress through its closures, making their closures very secure.  With this Safe Venting technology, pressure reaching a certain level inside the bottle (due to unchecked fermentation) is released through a venting slot in the closure which shuts again immediately afterwards, thereby providing a safe-valve effect.  This prevents the closure from ‘missiling off‘ the bottle when it is reopened, and also inhibits foaming.

Meanwhile, BERICAP has conducted tests for its BERICAP 3438 which revealed the following findings in comparison to conventional 38mm closures:

Trailblazer for tethered closures

The new BERICAP 3438 is available with a standard tamper-evident band or as a tethered closure, giving manufacturers in Asia the freedom to select a custom-designed closure for every product. This is particularly important for manufacturers exporting to the European Union (EU) who have to comply with the European Parliament’s Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive of 2019. The SUP requires single-use beverage container closures to remain attached to the bottle after opening until their disposal in order to reduce plastic waste from 2024 onwards, and all companies affected must switch to tethered caps by July 2024 at the latest.

“The BERICAP 3438 ClipAside is a future-proof solution that allows manufacturers to make timely preparations for full compliance with the new legal requirements,” said Eddy Quah, General Manager of BERICAP Malaysia.  BERICAP’s tethered closures are designed for quick switch-over from standard TE band closures at short notice to ensure minimal disruption in production.  When ready to launch, BERICAP only needs to change the cut geometry from the tamper-evident band to the new tethered geometry.  “This flexibility in production line conversion accelerates change-over and will help manufacturers overcome the challenges associated with conversion to tethered closures more easily,” added Quah.


In summary, the new BERICAP 3438 presents 2 solutions for beverage manufacturers – Safe Venting technology for enhanced consumer convenience and safety, as well as a fast and more cost effective means of switching to tethered closures. The patented Safe Venting technology eases pressure build-up (due to the fermentation of the beverage) inside a re-closed bottle, preventing the closure from ‘missiling off’ and the beverage from foaming.  The new lightweight BERICAP 3438 meets present day sustainability requirements and offers consumers a secure and convenient closure.

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