GLOBAL 168 motion plastic innovations on virtual display at igus 2021 Motion Plastics Show May 2021

Igus Motion Plastics virtual-physical trade show in Cologne enters its 2nd year, with this year having a record 168 motion plastic innovations on display for visitors.

The virtual-physical booth has also won iF Design Award for its interactive capabilities. According to igus CEO Frank Blasé, “This is the 2nd year without physical trade shows. This time we can start the presentation of our new products at full digital speed.” The new trade show stand, at 400 sq.metres, has been optimised based on experience gained in virtual customer consultation and tours last year.

Solutions for various industries can be seen in a separate area and these include the space-saving and telescopic triflex TRX energy chain on robots, platform for low-cost robotics, as well as the iglidur I151 tribo-filament for FDA-compliant, detectable wear-resistant parts for food technology.

The goal of platform is to enable manufacturers to open up new sales channels for their low-cost automation products and reach new target groups. Christian Batz, Head of igus digITal said, “The concept intended for companies, start-ups, research institutes and mechanical engineering companies offers fast, customised robot solutions at low starting costs of just a few thousand euros and with short amortisation times. What we are talking about here is a low-risk way of entering the era of automation and investing in the competitiveness of tomorrow.” In future, the platform is also intended to enable configuration of the robot mechanics, beginning with gearboxes, joints and connecting parts.

Meanwhile, igus new triflex TRX energy chains are widely used in the industry for fail-safe guidance of cables and hoses on robots. Retraction systems have so far been used on the third axis to ensure that no loops are created during the movement of the energy chain system which could hinder the robot. Jörg Ottersbach, Head of the e-chains Business Unit at igus GmbH said, “With TRX, we created a space-saving chain that can be fixed directly and compactly on the third axis. The energy supply twists into itself, lengthens and shortens spirally as in a telescopic pull-out, by up to 40 per cent.”  Compared to other retraction systems, the user saves up to 83% weight and requires less than half the space. In this way, the performance of the robot can be further improved, and costs are significantly reduced by dispensing with an additional retraction system.

The issue of plastics sustainability is now even more visible and is given a central position at the trade show.

igus show stand has hosted more than 55,000 visitors from all over the world, since it is freely accessible. Visitors can book their virtual tour with an igus expert simply by clicking to the following link -

The virtual-physical trade show stand is an important component of a digital igus concept that allows users to find the right lubrication-free, maintenance-free motion plastics for their specific requirements even faster. For instance, machine design and tutorials can be completed virtually with igus consultants, online seminars from the online seminar studio provide additional assistance, and the interactive digital catalogue variant also provides additional information with access to white papers, blog articles and explanatory videos.




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