GLOBAL New cutting, dicing solutions from Urschel May 2021

Urschel, the global leader in industrial food cutting technology, has recently launched 2 new equipments particularly for the cheese (dairy) and fruits/vegetables segments.


Affinity® Integra-D Cheese Dicer

Integra-D is Urschel’s latest addition to the Affinity line. The high-performance dicer features operation at the push of a button. The machine is designed with the cutting zone completely separate from the mechanical zone. Hinged access panels ease maintenance and part changeovers. The dicer is powered by a 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) motor.

According to Scott Klockow, Mechanical Design Manager, “Superior sanitation, quick part changeovers, and heavy duty are terms customers use to describe the new Integra-D cheese dicer. Customers replacing an RA machine with the Integra-D have experienced 20 to even 50% higher capacities due to the larger infeed and increased horsepower.”

The new 3-dimensional dicer accepts products up to 4.5 inches (114 mm). Product is delivered to a feed hopper and enters a rotating impeller. Centrifugal force holds the product against the inside of the case. Impeller paddles carry the product past the slicing knife. An adjustable slice gate at the top of the case determines the slice thickness.

Slices pass between the rotating feed drum and feed spindle and then enter the circular knives where they are cut into strips. The strips pass directly into the crosscut knives where the final cut is made to create a precision dice. The stripper plate removes product from the spaces between the circular knives and acts as a shear edge for the crosscut knives. Strip cuts can be produced by removing the crosscut knife spindle.

Tim O’Brien, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing concluded, “Following the success of our large Affinity® cheese dicer, the new Integra-D offers processors all of the advantages in a scaled-down footprint. The Integra-D provides the latest in precision cutting, and a turn-key upgrade for processors with Urschel RA series machines. Updating a line could not be simpler, and the benefits derived from higher yields is a bonus.”


TranSlicer® 2520 Cutter  

Building on the original TranSlicer that revolutionised the commercial, fresh-cut salad industry, Urschel introduces the new TranSlicer 2520 Cutter. The TranSlicer 2520 processes a variety of products for the food processing industry such as leafy vegetables, celery, leek, carrots, cucumbers, and fruits.

Anthony (Tony) McCracken, Urschel engineer behind the machine design said, “Customers really appreciate the savings. On average, TranSlicer 2520 customers report saving 25 minutes per washdown/cleaning procedure compared to the machine that they replaced.”

Tony added that the overall design of the 2520 sets itself apart. McCracken explained, “The concept encompasses the next generation of sanitation to greatly reduce cleaning times. Accessibility to every area of the machine expedites washdowns. All surfaces are engineered to promote water drainage. Stand-offs located throughout minimise overlapping joints and improve inspection and decrease cleaning times. IP69K rated IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) electrical components incorporated throughout machine withstand high pressure, high temperature washdowns.”


Urschel designs, manufactures and markets precision, high capacity cutting equipment for the food processing industries since 1910. Urschel delivers a complete network of sales and service around the globe wherever food is commercially processed. Urschel machinery and the bulk of all critical parts are manufactured on-site, under one roof to maintain optimal quality.

Urschel remains dedicated to providing the latest in food cutting technology to benefit regional and global scale customers. Urschel also offers free test cutting. Customers may witness test cutting of their product in-person, via video, or live remotely. A comprehensive report is generated for each test cut for customer consideration.

Contact Urschel at to learn more.




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