GLOBAL Hologram Sciences develops advanced vitamin D solution ‘d.velop™’ to boost  immunity   May 2021

In the face of growing pandemic challenges, Hologram Sciences has recently unveiled its first direct-to-consumer brand, d.velopTM, a holistic immunity solution with an advanced vitamin D formula, diagnostic kit, and digital support.

d.velop helps consumers to build more resilient immune health in just days or weeks instead of months. d.velop is made with an exclusive form of vitamin D, scientifically shown to help achieve optimal levels three times faster and three times more effective than conventional vitamin D supplements.†

“At Hologram, we’re committed to creating and rapidly scaling products that are backed by proven science, pioneering technology, and habit-building,” said Ian Brady, CEO Hologram Sciences. “We chose to focus our first brand and product on immunity because we wanted to give people a tool to feel more confident about their health as they step back into the world.”

Consumers have a choice of purchasing a single 30-day supply of d.velop or a 3-month supply of d.velop vitamin D; but d.velop is more than just vitamin D delivered to your doorstep. The d.velop solution also includes access to the free d.velop app which provides users with actionable information to help them understand their immune health more precisely and then holistically take action to improve their health and well being. The app also includes access to live coaching from registered dietitians who are available to answer questions and provide tips for staying on course. Consumers choosing the subscription option will also receive a free 2-pack vitamin D test kit worth US$100, so that they can test their vitamin D levels before and after d.velop.

In the US, it was estimated that up to 95% of the population did not get enough vitamin D from food alone.1 Recent research suggests that vitamin D improves immunity.2 Vitamin D deficiency has also been shown to be even more of a concern for people of color3. Reaching sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body can be challenging due to limited food sources and a person’s direct exposure to sunlight. Even with an intake of traditional vitamin D supplements like D3 or fortified food, it can still take several months to achieve healthy vitamin D levels in the bloodstream, which also supports bone health, in addition to immunity.

“No two people are the same and that goes for nutrition as well,” said Melissa Rifkin, MS, RD, CDN. “Understanding how to increase one’s immunity is one of the biggest challenges people face and d.velop addresses that challenge in a very personal way. I’m excited to partner with Hologram to share the importance of personalised nutrition and holistic health.”

d.velop is just one of many holistic solutions to come from newly-established New York and Boston-based collective,  Hologram Sciences. The company plans to release new solutions annually across a broad range of health conditions. Hologram Sciences is backed with a US$100 million investment by Royal DSM whose 3,000 plus North American employees will be the first to receive d.velop to help ensure staff have healthy immune systems as economies reopen, travel resumes, and as DSM returns to more normalised operations at plants, labs, and offices.

For more information, or to purchase d.velop directly, click HERE


Note: †Clinical studies have shown that d.velopTM can achieve optimal Vitamin D status (30 ng/mL) on average 3X faster, and is 3X more effective, compared to the same mcg amount of conventional Vitamin D3. Source: Quesada-Gomez and Bouillon (2018) Osteoporos. Int. 29, 1697-1711.

1 Reider et al. (2020) Nutrients 12, 1735.

2 Jolliffe et al. (2021) Lancet Diabetes Endorcrinol. 9, 276.

3 Parva et al. (2018). Cureus 10, e2741.




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