SINGAPORE World’s first 0 starch, 0 cholesterol noodle from Kosmode Health March 2021

Kosmode Health has recently launched its proprietary Wow noodles, which is a zero starch, zero cholesterol noodle that does not elevate blood sugar levels (glycemic response) after consumption. This new product is ideal for consumers with diabetes, for the aged group and those who are on diet program.

The company, a spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS), has partnered with SaladStop!,RedDotBrewHouse and CrowdFarm X to launch the product in Singapore.

Wow noodles is also the world’s first 0 starch, 0 cholesterol and 0 glycemic response functional food available in the market. Its protein and fibre ingredients are extracted from spent barley grains, a by-product of beer and malt production. It also does not contain any preservatives and chemicals which qualifies it as a clean label product.

With a texture almost resembling starchy noodles, Wow noodles are able to take on the flavors of the sauce or soup they are cooked in, making them versatile for use in many local noodle recipes.

According to the company’s co-Founder Florence Leong, “We developed W0W noodles to address 3 key concerns namely aging population, high prevalence of diabetes and high wastage of food manufacturing by-products. As our W0W noodles are made following zero-waste principles, they are healthy not only for consumers, but contribute to sustainable living too.”

Wow noodles is the company’s first product targeted directly to consumers. It is currently manufactured in Singapore at Innovate360, Singapore’s pioneer food incubator. The noodles is currently available at SaladStop! as salad side bowl in bite-sized portions - via Good Food Hood, its online food delivery platform. Wow noodles are also sold online in 200g packaging at S$6.60 (US$ ) by Good Food People and Crowd FarmX.

With the current pandemic, online home delivery is gaining more momentum for many RTE food products

In the near future, Kosmode Health hopes to explore into developing other starch-less functional food that will help to manage chronic health issues such as diabetes and obesity amongst others. It has also succeeded in using the same plant extraction technology and expertise to extract protein and fibre from other spent grains, such as spent corn grains and spent mung bean grains.

Florence added, “Even though our technology can be applied to other spent grains, currently, we are concentrating on spent barley grains, because it is one of the main spent grains from local food manufacturers, and we want to play a role in supporting Singapore’ food self-sustaining efforts. There are some 75,000 tonnes of spent barley grains produced every year in Singapore. If we are able to convert all of this to our W0W pre-mix, we estimate that we can produce over 650 million servings of W0W noodles, making a decent contribution to Singapore’s 30:30 goal. We plan to expand our capacity and achieve economies of scale as we manufacture our W0W noodles. Our hope is that W0W noodles can soon be a staple food for Singaporeans.”  

Kosmode Health is currently focusing on Singapore market however in the long term, it hopes to expand to other Asian countries, which produce large amounts of spent grains such as China, Vietnam and Thailand.




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