FrieslandCampina Ingredients offers stress, anxiety solutions within Biotis™ Brain Health solutions December 2020

With the ongoing pandemic coupled with growing busy lifestyles, a growing number of people across all age groups reported poor mental wellbeing as a result of higher stress and anxiety.
To confront this growing global issue, FrieslandCampina Ingredients has announced the launch of stress and anxiety propositions within its Biotis™ Brain Health Benefit Solutions.
Research showed that 42% of consumers would like to improve their mental wellbeing. Another survey done by Innova found that 50% of people who suffered from stress also complained of bad moods as well as problems with fatigue and sleep. Consumers are proactively seeking solutions to their stress and anxiety which are natural, non-addictive and fit into their daily routines.
FrieslandCampina Ingredients has developed 2 new consumer product applications as part of its Biotis™ Brain Health Benefit Solutions range. The D-Stress sachet and Re-lax health shot are both built on FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ premium galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS), a dairy prebiotic which has been shown through scientific research to stimulate the growth of gut bacteria that could help consumers feel less stressed & anxious.
“The aim of Biotis™ is to usher in a new era in ingredient science,” said Vicky Davies, Global Marketing Director, Performance, Active and Medical Nutrition, at FrieslandCampina Ingredients. “We’re looking to provide new and innovative solutions to the most current and pressing global health issues. The global COVID-19 pandemic has really put mental wellbeing in the spotlight, elevating it to the same level of importance as other aspects of physical health. As such, we’re delighted to be expanding our Biotis™ Brain Health Benefit Solutions offering with concepts aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, which is something we all deal with at times. We’re looking forward to working closely with our customers – old and new – to bring these much-needed solutions to life.”
Jouke Veldman, Global Market Development Manager and Biotis™ Brain Health lead, added, “It’s key that products on the shelves not only appeal to consumers’ key concerns and fit into their lifestyles but are also proven to be effective. Our Biotis™ GOS is the most researched in the world, and our most recent clinical trials showed that BiotisTM GOS can influence the gut microbiota composition by encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria. Through the gut-brain axis, this translates into a reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety. What’s more, our Biotis™ GOS are versatile and stable, which means they can work in a variety of formats, making them a solution that works both for consumers and manufacturers.”
As science shows strong links between a healthy gut microbiome and mental wellbeing – including sleep, concentration, and stress levels – Biotis™ Brain Health Benefit Solutions aim to provide novel and viable ingredient solutions to growing consumer concerns around maintaining good mental wellbeing. Biotis™ Brain Health is part of FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Biotis™ portfolio, which celebrates its half-year anniversary in December, and encompasses a range of solutions for gut and brain health, with an immune health proposition set to launch in early 2021.
“Although its only 6 months since Biotis™ and Biotis™ Gut Health were launched, we’re proud to have already delivered innovative solutions that resonate with both customers and consumers in a short space of time,” added Davies. “It’s been possible thanks to our unique and detailed consumer insights and comprehensive scientific research and partnerships. Next year, will see FrieslandCampina Ingredients add new propositions to the Biotis™ portfolio and should be a truly successful and progressive year for us and our partners as we continue to collaborate to meet the health and wellness needs of tomorrow.”
FrieslandCampina Ingredients reported combined sales of €1.8 billion (US$2.2 billion) in 2019. The new segments Early Life Nutrition, Adult Nutrition, Food & Beverages and Animal Nutrition operate worldwide, with regional sales offices in The Netherlands, US, Singapore, China and Brazil, under one unified brand identity and tagline, “The Inside Matters”. FrieslandCampina Ingredients is part of dairy giant, Royal FrieslandCampina N.V.




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