Sweegen on a mission to reduce sugar, artificial sweeteners in F&B products in Asia November 2020

AFBR has the opportunity to interview Lewis Tessarolo, Senior Director, Business Development for Asia Pacific, Sweegen to find out more on the company's plans for the Asian market and what can it offer to various food and beverage manufacturers in this region.
Sweegen offers comprehensive non-GMO sugar reduction portfolio which combines next generation stevia sweeteners with proprietary flavor modulators and mouthfeel building blocks.
The following are excerpts from the interview with Mr Tessarolo.

Can you tell us briefly what can Sweegen offer to its Asian customers in terms of sweetener solutions for food and beverage products?
Sweegen is on a mission to reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners in food and beverage products throughout Asia.
We do this by providing cost-effective, scalable, smart solutions in a creative building block approach. The combination of our next-generation stevia sweeteners, flavor modulators and texturants provides the best sugar reduction solution on the market.
When we collaborate with food and beverage manufacturers, we have the capability to rapidly develop and scale sugar-reduced products. Our flavor and food science experts have a range of expertise to deliver the right solution. We create desired sweetness profiles and mouthfeel, delivering a sugar-like experience for consumers. We offer our proprietary next generation stevia platform Bestevia Taste Solutions. "Cost-effective. nature-based. Non-GMO. Free from aftertastes. Customisable."

Which industries in Asia will your solutions find its most applications and can you give us a couple of successful case studies in Asia ?
Replacing sugar in food and beverages can pose product development challenges. When sugar is reduced, texture, viscosity and mouthfeel could be compromised.
The good news is Sweegen works closely with our partners to create solutions to address these challenges with amazing results. A one-size-fits-all approach to reducing sugar in multiple applications with different taste profiles just doesn’t work.
Our Bestevia Taste Solutions platform works well in beverages, dairy, baking, confectionery, condiments and nutrition just to name a few. We use nature’s creative building blocks to deliver the best solutions for specific applications. "Non-GMO. Cost-effective. Label-friendly."
SweeGen recently had success with a customer wanting to remove sugar in sauce. We delivered on this achievement by using Sav Sauce e+ Bestevia® Taste Solution with e+ Stevia Sweetener, and natural flavor technology delivering sweetness, mouthfeel and bulking for RTE meal sauces and prepared sauces. It allows for up to 100% sugar reduction with a taste profile in sweetness and mouthfeel comparable to sugar.
Another of our customer asked us to remove added sugar in yogurt, so we used our Yogurt Pro e+ Bestevia® Taste Solution with e+ Stevia Sweetener coupled with natural flavor technology delivering sweetness, mouthfeel, and masking for sugar reduced high protein yogurt. It allows for up to 100% sugar reduction providing a sweetness and creamy mouthfeel comparable to full sugar plant-based yogurt, and masking astringent bitter off tastes often associated with plant-based proteins.

With the growing concern over diabetes/cardiovascular diseases, how could Sweegen be part of Asian governmental efforts to curb this problem?
SweeGen is indeed on a mission to reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners in food and beverages, which will in turn improve the health and wellbeing of consumers worldwide.
There are already published articles that link sugar reduction with stevia and its positive impact on type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is influenced by lifestyle and dietary choices, adding stevia will influence diet and thus calorie intake.
Governments have a role in raising awareness about health. Some pose legislation in the form of sugar taxes to address the health and wellbeing of the population. However, food and beverage manufacturers play an important role in providing consumers with products, so it is important to give them an accessible toolbox of scalable next generation zero-calorie stevia ingredients.
Regulatory agencies overseeing food and beverage safety have done a good job to make next generation stevia ingredients accessible in Asia. We are excited to collaborate our solutions with brands by applying SweeGen’s signature building block approach to address sugar, reduce calories and at the same time produce great-tasting products.

We also saw the proliferation of emerging and fast-growing industries like plant-based meat and dairy alternatives (for eg. ice cream, yogurt etc). Will Sweegen have a role to play in these segments ?
We do observe the growing trend of sustainable dairy and meat alternatives which helps the environment. This trend is worldwide, and not just in Asia as consumers are not only concerned about what they eat, but how it impacts the environment.
SweeGen sustainable solutions support this trend by creating non-GMO products that are great-tasting and better for the environment. Our carbon footprint is far less than sugar and artificial sweeteners.
To address sweetness and aftertaste in pea and soy protein-based products, we have great sweet taste solutions which have been specifically developed to work well with our next generation stevia sweeteners.
Brands should look toBestevia® e+ Taste Solutions for Dairy. By using this solution, brands will deliver a full taste experience in their reduced or zero added sugar dairy products. From ice cream to fruit preparations, our team has deep category expertise to develop formulations that meet brands taste and cost requirements.

Where will you foresee Sweegen to be in 10 years from now in Asia ?
SweeGen will continue its mission to reduce sugar and artificial sweeteners in food and beverage products around the world. Our sustainable solutions are continually evolving and expect to see better tasting products for untapped markets.
In the future, we will see more next generation stevia sweeteners launched by SweeGen with unique sensory profiles and characteristics which are different to what is currently available.
We also expect to be working even more closely with customers in regions around the world as we are continuously launching more Food and Beverage Application Centers, to create solutions reflecting regional tastes and desires in products.




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