Growing demand for poultry in APMEA November 2020

Kerry's Poultry 360° solutions – what is it and what can it offer to customers ?
Kerry Poultry 360° solutions take a holistic, end-to-end approach. It covers marketing, R&D, culinary and sensory, based on its extensive knowledge of meat manufacturing and understanding of market needs to develop poultry products consumers love.
Kerry 360° solutions take into account 4 key pillars namely consumer, processing, product and environment.

Consumer: Insights approach
By evaluating and assessing general market trends, data from syndicated research, and Kerry proprietary ethnography-based research, it can uncover consumer needs and behaviour. Kerry's proprietary AI tool Trendspotter also keeps track of social media influencers in the region and millions of data points to predict upcoming trends in poultry.

Processing: Processing support from start to end
Kerry Poultry 360° solutions allow manufacturers to ramp up operational efficiency as it offers complete, all-in-one solutions and scale-up trials, among others. To optimise cost, Kerry can support its customers with creating higher value-added products using cheaper raw materials and utilise poultry by-products, thereby reducing waste. According to Dimitrios Tzouvelekis, General Manager, Meat Technology, Kerry APAC, "Our knowledge and expertise in meat science also enable us to render RDA support, insights into food protection, and improve taste, texture and yield."

Environment: Understand the wider market landscape
From macro dynamics to industry trends, domestic vs export through to sustainability, Kerry looks at the big picture, the factors that have long term impact, and the solutions it needs to address market concerns and priorities.
Take for example, its Chef-to-Home platform, a digital innovation that it adopted during the pandemic. COVID-19 compelled consumers to change their lifestyles, and it saw more people cooking at home. Despite the increased preference for in-home cooking, not all consumers are confident about re-creating their favourite restaurant dish or meal at home. Dimitris said, "Within 2 weeks from concept to development, our marketing, chefs and R&D teams developed Chef-to-Home for our customers, which makes it easier for people to cook restaurant quality food in the comfort of their kitchen through a range of menus replicating global foodservice favourites they can access digitally and have complete meal kits delivered to them containing coated chicken and sauce. In addition, Chef-to-Home offers a total solution for retail using digital technologies (QR-code for packaging, YouTube for cooking instructions)."

Product: Taste & texture innovation
Kerry's taste and nutrition portfolio enables it to provide poultry products with cleaner, healthier ingredients, in new formats while meeting labelling demands. For example, sugar and sodium reduction, a range of marinades, rubs, glazes and seasonings for savoury chicken taste, freshness through shelf-life solutions, and cleaner label systems (MSG, phosphate replacement) ? clean label has become a key focus in APMEA with 52% of consumers saying they look for cleaner labels on packaging.
People now want more natural, ‘better-for-you’ products that still taste great. Meanwhile, with its foodservice expertise, Kerry maintains a holistic partnership with both processors and restaurants, and a deep understanding of out-of-home consumption channel. Dimitris added, "Our operations offer made-for-processor capabilities, made-for-QSR solutions for home delivery and holding time, while our marketing is driven by AI-enabled marketing insights, menu analysis and customized research."

Successful Case Study
A fully integrated processor has approached Kerry to find a solution to use chicken off-cuts more cost effectively, as they are normally left with excessive amounts of it in the slaughtering process.
About 15% of chicken is trimmings which are used in low-margin products, like chicken nuggets and sausages. However, it is normally hard to bind due to inconsistent quality and content. Using Kerry’s binding technology Brine H, the customer can achieve the ‘premium meat’ texture experience and is suitable for higher-margin products (snacks, hams, premium sausages).
Brine H offers 25-70% water addition (depending on application), good meaty bite, cost savings and stable in various conditions like fried, microwaved or oven-heated.
Kerry has a long heritage in meat processing and by leveraging its extensive knowledge, Kerry ensures processors have the best solutions that address key challenges in production.

Kerry steps in to offer holistic 360° solutions for poultry products
Poultry has always been a popular protein in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA), but in recent years, we have witnessed demand growing rapidly with more people eating poultry at least once a week, and in markets like Thailand and China, it could be as often as 3 to 4 times weekly.
One main reason for this growth was the outbreak of African Swine Fever, which decimated the pig herd population and drove up the price of pork. This huge impact on the meat industry led manufacturers turning to alternatives like poultry as the main source for products like hams and sausages, which are non-traditional poultry categories. Poultry is an obvious substitute for pork as it is viewed as a healthier, cheaper protein.
With growing population and urbanisation, demand for poultry also rose rapidly in the Asia Pacific region. Mordor Intelligence report showed that the poultry market is expected to grow by 7.8% annually between 2020 to 2025.
Presently, with COVID-19 in the picture, the dynamics of poultry consumption continue to evolve even more rapidly. People are cooking more often at home given restrictions in dining options. As a result, retail poultry products have been picking up as poultry is an easy-to-cook, versatile protein. What’s more, with street food rooted in the food culture in many countries in this region, food service and retailers are offering products like convenient meal kits that allow people to cook street-food style dishes at home. (refer Chart 1.0)
With the shift from dining out to dining in, foodservice delivery has also gained momentum. Chicken remains a best-selling menu item, and foodservice operators know that the challenge is giving consumers that same 'fresh taste and texture experience' in their order when it finally arrives at their doorsteps.




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