GLOBAL September 2020
Krones LitePac Top ensures a sustainable ‘plastic-free’ packaging
Krones has taken its first step towards addressing alternatives to the conventional plastic packaging solutions, with its cardboard LitePack Top packaging for beverage cans.
This alternative is well worth to consider at an early stage as more countries will start considering bans on disposable plastic. Plastic rings for can packs rank among the packages that are coming under intensified scrutiny as they are not properly disposed of and end up as pollution in the sea.
LitePac Top constitutes an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative. It is a cardboard package containing neither plastics nor adhesives, which is produced from renewable raw materials and can be easily recycled after use. It is fitted underneath the can seam, thus keeping the pack stable.
LitePac Top offers an attractive solution not only for the environment, but for consumers as well as the pack features recessed grips with which it can be conveniently handled and carried. If you want to remove a can, you simply pull it vertically out of the packaging – it’s not necessary to tear open the cardboard. To ensure an eye-catching presence on the supermarket shelves, the pack offers space for design options. With the associated machine technology, for instance, it is possible to selectively orientate the cans – e.g. in order to ensure prominent placement of the brand logo or to form a coherent motif from several different can designs.
For the sustainable packaging concept, Krones is also offering the associated machine technology – its Varioline, which as a multi-talented allrounder among packaging machines, copes effortlessly with this type of pack as well. The Varioline’s modularised construction enables it to be individually customised to suit the task involved, and several packaging variants to be run on one and the same system. Like the machine itself, its individual modules are also multifunctional. In the case of LitePac Top, for example, the first module can accept, orientate and group the cans. For creating the tertiary packaging, e.g. in order to insert the packs in trays, the Varioline can be combined with a Variopac Pro – in a space-economical block configuration without any lengthy conveyor sections.



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