SINGAPORE September 2020
The Golden Duck launches what it believes to be Asia's best tom yum gourmet snack
Singapore’s favourite gourmet snack company, The Golden Duck (TGD) has recently launched its gourmet snack pack ‘Bangkok Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix’, featuring a juxtaposition of sweet, sour, hot and salty flavours in a tantalising blend of 3 unique ingredients in a pack namely Lotus Root Crisps, Oyster Mushrooms and Shrimp Chins.
TGD’s very own snack chef, Chef Maui, and Chef Nooror from Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine have come together to reimagine Thailand’s signature dish as a gourmet snack with real flavours and real ingredients.
According to Jonathan Shen, Co-founder & CEO of The Golden Duck, “Our mission since the start has always been to translate well-loved dishes into authentic Asian gourmet snacks. Over the last year, we have gathered so many ideas from our fans when it comes to new flavours they want to snack on next, and Tom Yum is right up there among the favourites. However, getting Tom Yum’s distinctive flavour done just right is no easy task. With our Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix, we knew we had to work with the best of the best to craft the ultimate Thai snack that will conquer the hearts of our snackers around the world. We saw the opportunity to synergise our strengths with Blue Elephant, a long standing icon in the Bangkok culinary scene.”
The snack flavor is very similar to the signature Tom Yum dish itself, with a little thrill lingering between layers of aftertaste flavours. The masterful recipe collaboration contains over 16 real ingredients and spices in one snack, from kaffir lime leaves to galangal to capture Tom Yum's distinctive flavour.
A survey was done by TGD in its ‘Great Snack Showdown’ in which it got its snackers involved in the product development process. Tom Yum was the winning flavour chosen by over 12,000 snackers, earning 38% of the votes, while Laksa was a close second at 33% followed by Beef Rendang (29%). To market its latest launch, snackers can also win a contest by finding a shiny ‘Golden Spice Pack’ inside their pack of Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix, and win from S$20 (US$14.75) for 1 pack found to up to S$555 (US$409) for 5 packs found.
TGD’s latest gourmet snack will retail exclusively on its e-commerce site as a limited-edition Snackbox of 5 gourmet snack packs at S$39 (US$28.80). However, from 5 October 2020, Tom Yum Goong Gourmet Mix will be progressively rolled out across all major supermarkets and convenience stores at a retail price of S$7.80 (US$5.75).
Launched in 2015, The Golden Duck (TGD) is a gourmet snack company headquartered in Singapore that specialises in translating well-loved dishes and complex flavours into hearty, flavourful snacks by trawling the world’s food streets. At present, TGD has 5 award-winning snacks which include Salted Egg Yolk Potato Crisps, Salted Egg Fish Skin Crunchy Crisps, Singapore Chilli Crab Seaweed Tempura, Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura and Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix.
The Golden Duck snacks are now available in 13 countries namely in Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, South Korea, Canada and the US.



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