ASIA SFA approves SweeGen's Bestevia Reb D, E as next generation sugar solutions for F&B manufacturers June 2020
Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has recently approved the use of SweeGen's Bestevia Reb D and E, which further adds to the region's F&B industry's portfolio of sugar reduction solutions. Earlier in 2019, SweeGen got approval for its Bestevia Reb M.
According to Lewis Tessarolo, Senior Director of Business Development, Asia Pacific, "The approval is great news for global and regional food and beverage manufacturers because they will have greater access to SweeGen’s Bestevia Taste Solutions sugar reduction portfolio. These customised solutions incorporate our world-class supply of next generation, non-GMO stevia sweeteners along with proprietary flavors and texturants to solve the sugar reduction challenges of our customers.”
SweeGen’s Bestevia Taste Solutions proprietary taste and sweetener platform offers diverse solutions for applications across wide product categories from beverages, dairy, confectionery to bakery and sauces. The platform features the exclusive Bestevia e+ Taste Solutions which delivers one of the industry’s most cost-efficient, great tasting and complete sugar reduction options.
Shari Mahon, Senior Vice President of Application Technology said, "Creating reduced sugar products that meet consumer expectations for great taste is a big challenge. SweeGen continues to expand its portfolio of ingredient solutions as well as our product development capacity and expertise. As we expand with regulatory approvals in Asia-Pacific, we are expanding our regional applications support globally to collaborate closely with our customers for enabling unique local solutions.”
This latest regulatory approval comes at the right timing when F&B manufacturers are pressured to develop sugar reduced options due to rising health awareness of consumers in this region, in addition to Singapore as well as other regional governments' efforts to curb obesity and diabetes. Several governments in this region have already implemented new laws to reduce production and marketing of sugary beverages while increasing tax and other levies on such beverages.

Latest Development
On 15 June, SweeGen has also announced its successful commercial production of Bestevia Reb B, a highly soluble stevia sweetener, supported and protected by its patent properties focused on Reb B, that provides a great sweet taste in reduced sugar formulations, with excellent performance in a range of applications particularly for beverages.
The taste and performance benefits of SweeGen’s Bestevia Reb B add up to great value for food and beverage manufacturers due to its competitive price comparable to sugar in addition to it being scalable, non-caloric and sustainable, making it an attractive natural sweetener.
Bestevia Reb B joins SweeGen's rich sugar reductions portfolio which includes Rebs D, E and M. With this new addition of Reb B, food and beverage manufacturers will have a broader toolkit to tackle the challenges of reducing sugar across their product lines.
Shari Mahon added, "Bestevia Reb B performs great in beverages because it is highly soluble, non-caloric and 150 times sweeter than sucrose. Brands looking to make functional beverages with unique flavors and nutritional ingredients will find Reb B to provide the flexibility and great taste they need in formulation."
Meanwhile, regulatory work for Bestevia Reb B is underway for earning both FDA GRAS status and The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) acceptance. Hadi Omrani, Director of technical and regulatory affairs said, “We want to share Bestevia Reb B globally. Our vision is to make it commercially accessible to all food and beverage manufacturers in the world, as we aim toward regulatory approvals in every market.”

SweeGen’s proprietary Bestevia stevia sweeteners are produced through a patented bio-conversion process, which begins with the stevia leaf to achieve high-purity clean tasting Rebs D, E and M, and now B.
SweeGen, Inc., is a sugar reduction solutions company dedicated to the development, production and distribution of zero-calorie stevia sweeteners for the food, flavor and beverage industries. For more information, please click HERE or contact



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