INDONESIA April 2020
FOODEX to focus on ‘Agility’ for its 25th Anniversary with FSSC Cert on the way
PT Foodex Inti Ingredients (FOODEX) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and according to Ms Jenny Rusli, Business Development Director of FOODEX, the food ingredients manufacturer plans to focus on ‘Agility’ in the future.
Jenny said, “In the years ahead, we are determined to serve our partners/customers with better Service, Consistent Products and more innovative product solutions.”
Indeed, FOODEX is ‘walking the talk’ as this year, the manufacturer of quality food seasonings and ingredients is completing the process of attaining FSSC certification, and this will mark the beginning of its high quality commitments to the industry.
Over the past 25 years, FOODEX has made 3 notable achievements as a major industry player in Indonesia food ingredients industry. The 3 major achievements are as follows:

Leading Market Share
FOODEX has truly made positive contributions to its partners by creating food solutions that benefit its customers, making it now one of the Top 3 seasonings and food ingredients supplier in Indonesia. It hopes to further its goal to become the top player in this category in Indonesia, and also one of the leading regional companies in ASEAN for food seasonings ingredients.

Strong Family Culture
FOODEX has built a strong organisational culture where employees all work as an integrated ‘synergistic’ team or ‘family’ which contribute positively and enjoy one another’s role in the company.

Effective Solutions For Customers
FOODEX has constantly come up with innovative new products that offer positive contributions to its customers. It hopes to continue doing this and with FSSC, it will be able to spread its wings even further.
With an interesting business motto ‘I grow, You grow, We grow’, this highlighted the importance of every employee in the company to form a great team. Jenny said, “With team work, we will become more productive and have stronger passion to deliver solutions to our partners. At the same time, a stronger collaboration will be created with our customers offering positive net gains, mutually beneficial to both FOODEX and our partners.”

Growing Export Market
Jenny said that in the next 5 years, FOODEX aims to grow its export market and introduce Indonesian traditional flavors to the world. In recent years, she said that there has been considerable progress with traditional food being modernised. The manufacturer’s traditional sambal paste now has a shelf life of 6 months to 1 year in room temperature allowing it to be exported to overseas markets. Presently, up to 85% of FOODEX market is still local and the remainder went mostly to Middle East and ASEAN markets. FOODEX hopes to increase its share of overseas market in the next 5 years. Its products like the traditional sambal paste, sauces and natural meat extracts are Halal certified making them easier to penetrate into these markets. Natural meat extracts have wide applications in instant noodles, bouillons and instant soups.
Jenny has identified the Middle East as its greatest potential market and it hopes to have a physical presence there in the next 5 years to better serve its growing Middle East and African customers.

Future Investment Plan
FOODEX has an ambitious but reachable business target. “In the next 5 years, we hope that FOODEX will grow to at least more than doubled its current size in terms of sales and also better known as a quality solutions provider, not only just for selling products/ingredients.”
In terms of future investment, she added that, “FOODEX existing plant has utilised up to 70% of its existing capacity and within 3 years’ time, we need to expand our plant and add more lines, particularly adding new pasteurisation/meat extract facility in the same factory location.”

FOODEX will be exhibiting at Fi Asia 2020 in Jakarta from 9-11 September 2020. It will showcase its Natural Extraction ingredients based on animal proteins and mother nature crops. In addition, FOODEX will also bring in its Indonesian creation in the form of ‘modernised traditional sambals’. The regional food industry anxiously await this, as Indonesia has been known for generations as the thousand islands of spices with diverse food cultures. Jenny summed up, “We are planning to have those cultures in cooking. It is hard to explain this but it is better if you come to Fi Asia to taste them for yourself.” When asked what will FOODEX foresee to be the future direction of ASEAN food ingredient segment, Jenny concluded, “We see a world looking for healthier solutions, more convenient products and more authentic regional tastes.”

In conjunction to its 25th Anniversary, FOODEX would like to express heartfelt gratitude and say ‘Thank You’ to all its clients. It will strive to continuously develop great and tasty solutions, so that FOODEX and its partners will grow together for many years to come.



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