PHILIPPINES January 2020
igus to showcase 3 smart plastic solutions for the F&B industry at Propak Philippines 2020
igus, a leading global supplier of smart plastic solutions, will showcase 3 smart plastic solutions for the food and beverage industry during the Propak Philippines exhibition held from 5 – 7 February 2020.

igus knife edge rollers are maintenance-free, which allows the precise movement of goods and food products at high speeds. The rollers are made of the chemically resistant material iglidur H1 which is suitable for applications with higher transport speeds and exposure to cleaning media. As the machine components are specially developed for moving applications and do not require any lubrication, product contamination is ruled out completely. The rollers are suitable for the packaging, material handling, automation and food technology industries.

igus iglidur tribo tape is perfect for lining areas subjected to possible wear according to your requirements. The liners has a very good sliding coefficient and it is lubrication and maintenance free. Once the liner has simply been glued on, surfaces which slide against each other are protected during motion, whereby energy is saved at the same time. The operating noise is reduced by the smooth sliding as well. Being easy to cut to shape – possible with a pair of scissors – and the optional self-adhesive backing of the liner open up almost endless possibilities of use, for example in medical equipment, food industry machinery, furniture manufacturing or in machine tool making.
igus hygienic e-chain is an energy chain with FDA material approval. The open design without bolted connections makes it easy to clean. The rounded edges prevents dead spaces and hence resulting in no germs formation. It has good resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals as well as no material on material wear. An obvious choice for packaging machines, food and beverage/filling machines, or wherever hygiene requirements are very high to guide cables and hoses safely and securely.

igus projects a challenging future with many innovations
According to Carsten Haecker, Head of igus Asia Pacific, “2020 and beyond will be one of the most challenging period this world has ever seen. Not one technology, but everything changes all at once from ‘How we produce and use our energy, to how we move around, live, work, pay, communicate, dress, eat and take care of our bodies amongst others’.”
Carsten added that while many people translate these to difficult life challenges, igus views this as a major opportunity and the greatest boom in history. “People will buy or use new low-emission, low-energy cars, and use flying taxis, new energy sources like hydrogen power and others we haven´t even heard about (for example “E-Fuel” – liquid power drawn from the C02 in the air), new money and supply chains with crypto currencies and block chain, new communication devices with holograms and avatars, new smart materials to wear, new bio-health foods to eat, new medicines, robot doctors, healing homes, And of course: everything, digital, smart, intelligent, automated. All of these NEW innovations will have to be manufactured.”

igus to continue innovating to 'improve what moves'
igus will continue to innovate to make machines work better and smarter with motion plastics. In the words of Carsten, “igus mission is to improve what moves. Improve in the one sense of innovative, better plastics for longer life, cost down and technology up. A lubrication-free and maintenance-free world. And improve in the other sense of proving it before applying igus motion plastics.”

igus to continue to invest in Asia, including the Philippines
igus will continue to invest in Asia and it has built 2 state of the art factories in Shanghai, China and in Incheon, South Korea in 2019 to ensure it is close to its customers and provide them fast materials at a click of the button.
Philippines has one of the most dynamic economies in the region. With a huge population exceeding 110 million by 2020, it also rapidly urbanising with a growing middle class and a large youth population. Manufacturing is a key component to Philippines’ economic growth with the F&B sector being one of the top contributor. Many of domestic food and beverage companies are owned by local sole proprietors who are running with minimal or no automation in their production. Nevertheless, in the past 2 years, there is an increasing interest in factory automation to improve productivity and quality of output, so as to meet strong demand from the consumer market. igus has a wide range of products that are suitable and ready for the food and beverage processing, to support this demand shift.
igus has started to look closer into the Philippines market in the last 1 to 2 years and will invest into support functions there to provide its customers with igus solutions at their doorstep.

For more information, please visit igus booth C10 at Propak Philippines 2020.



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