CHINA Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2021 (FBIF2021) July 2021
Date of Exhibition: 30 June - 02 July 2021
Venue: Hangzhou International Expo Center Organiser: Simba Events
Tel: + 86 21 5767 9411

"Exploring New Growth", Food & Beverage Innovation Forum 2021(FBIF2021) will be held in Hangzhou International Expo Center from 30th June to 2nd July this year. Industry trends and innovation cases from different perspectives of industry strategy, products, marketing, packaging, and investment and financing will be discussed in the three-day forum and the industry innovations will be encouraged and awarded during two awards cereomonies. Meanwhile, there will be 11 themed events and 370+ exhibitors in the 20,000-square-meter Food Show exhibition area.

This year, FBIF will welcome its eighth year. It is expected that 170+ industry leaders will speak and 3,500+ food related companies will participate in FBIF2021.  The number of participants is expected to be the highest ever, more than 10,000. In addition, participants from brand companies will account for 60%. The Participants include three main parts: First, leading domestic and foreign companies and cutting-edge brands covering beverages, dairy, functional foods, snacks, alcohol, plant-based meat, and other food categories; second, ingredients, packaging, marketing, and other food industry value chain related companies; third, leading investment institutions.


30th June-Plenary Session

The consumer market in China is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. In the era of flatter information dissemination, consumer demand and preferences are also changing rapidly. With capital tycoon betting on the consumer tracks, and the accelerating emergence of new consumer brands, industry giants are all vigilantly speeding up the pace of change. In addition, under the superposition of multiple macro factors of the COVID-19 epidemic and geopolitics, this change is even more unpredictable. In this new environment, where does the increment come from? How to seek growth from the global market and the Chinese market? How can the " Direct-To-Consumer model", which is closer to consumers, really help companies win consumers and markets? A new exploration of the global food system is also underway, which will be deciphered in the forum with the future foods have been bet on by those giants such as Unilever, Nestlé, Danone, and Yili.


1 - 2 July - Dairy and Protein Innovation

The change in consumption reflects that in consumer demand. Being faced with consumers, which is the eternal core of the consumption scene, dairy products, as a "rigid demand", bear the brunt of the higher requirements of consumers. Research and development are particularly important when product strength becomes the most powerful signature of dairy products. Where’s the next dairy product that has the potential of making ten billion RMB? How do regional dairy companies become prominent in such a tight involution? What is the trend of goat milk and plant-based products? What are the characteristics of dairy products that consumers want? We will share with you the R&D innovation of dairy products from the four directions of trend, source, scene, and product. Of course, we have also retained the topic of protein innovation for four consecutive years. Let's take a look at what outstanding products we have this year.


1 – 2 July - Beverages and Healthy Snacks Innovation

What is the next breakthrough in beverage innovation after "sugar-free sparkling water"? Where are the opportunities for children's drinks? In addition to stevia and erythritol, there is a magic way to convert 80% of sugar into dietary fiber through enzymolysis. How can coffee, tea, and plant-based beverages hew their way out of the involution through positioning, supply chain, and technology? How to create a better drinking experience for consumers? Pleasant colors, an experience comparable to freshly made tea, and an interesting formula with the combination of tea, coffee, milk, wine, juice, and so on, may become the next trend.

How to make the snack market worth trillion RMB healthier? What high-quality raw materials can help the innovation of snacks to make them healthier? What opportunities are there for candy and chocolate in the trend of sugar reduction? How can both Chinese and Western nutrition concepts contribute to the innovation of snacks? What functions does a functional food need to have to meet consumer’s expectations? We will explore how to strike a balance between "health" and "deliciousness" so that "health" is more than a marketing concept. Then products by themselves can bring consumers a better life.


1 – 2 July - Marketing Innovation

Traffic, brand, and channel are the three cores that the marketing innovation sub-forum will focus on. All brand owners are eager for traffic, which is born in a variety of media. In this era of media fragmentation, traffic dispersion, and fading platform dividends, how should we manage the media distribution? How to tap the value of existing consumer markets? When the limitations of the " traffic-is-the-only-essential" theory are apparent, how can we build the spirit and values of the brand from a long-term perspective?

After discussing traffic and brand, we will return to a retro topic, the channel of goods. How can we build a strong brand empire by integrating different channels like new-fashioned supermarkets, convenience stores, chain restaurants, community operation forms, and O2O?


1 – 2 July - InnoPack

Packaging is the most critical touchpoint in the communication between brands and consumers.

How to consider the new role of packaging from a cross-industry perspective? How to convey the most important core cognition of a brand to consumers through packaging? Faced with many challenges such as consumption upgrading and downgrading, sustainability, and domestic products export, how should food companies design their brands to attract young consumers for a long time beyond different generations? In this year's InnoPack sub-forum, the Japanese packaging design master who created the 0.2-second rule will share classic cases. In addition, creative talents will bring us forward thinking and perspectives. Based on their experience, they will instantiate how to drive brand growth through creative packaging design.


1 - 2 July - Food & Money

With the explosive emergence of new consumer brands that meet the needs of consumers in different segments, more and more investors flocked into the F&B industry. In this industry that requires deep cultivation, these risk-takers will be truly tested.

The new brands have subverted tradition and they have created new models in terms of product iteration and brand building. Those brands have even redefined the categories or break the ceiling of the original ones. New players are also actively exploring future-oriented emerging categories such as personalized nutrition and health care, and plant-based foods. Investors as unicorn catchers scramble to make judgments in the early stages of the projects. More and more capitalists practice enabling investment and become entrepreneurial partners. All parties in the industry chain actively try open innovation…We look forward to discussing with you the various experiences of entrepreneurship and investment in the Food & Money sub-forum!


1 – 2 July – Alcohol Innovation

The drinking habit of the post-90s generation is quite different from that of their parent. For them, drinking is no longer for the sake of face, and it is more for themselves. Drinking is not to curry favor with the boss, but to please themselves. The changes in the preferences of young wine consumers have promoted innovation in the alcohol industry. The thinking of "from product to consumer" is gradually turning to "from consumer to product". What kind of strategy can help alcohol companies maintain their youthful vitality? What kind of innovation can attract young people from the perspective of products, packaging, marketing, and channels? This year’s new sub-forum, the Alocohol Innovation, will focus on innovation in the alcohol industry.


Food Innovation Exhibition - Food Show

Along with the forum, Food Show will be held at the same time in the venues of 3B and 3C in Hangzhou International Expo Center. The venues have nearly 20,000 square meters. The Food Show 2021 will attract over 370 exhibitors, 260+ingredient, OEM and brand businesses, 40+ packaging companies, 30+ marketing design agencies, as well as equipment, supply chain companies, which cover the entire food and beverage industry category and business process.

In addition to the exhibitors, there will be 11 special events in the exhibition area.Industry leaders will be invited to give presentation in Foodtalks, and the topics will be focusing on digitalization, plant-based foods, medicine and food homology, and the rising of new brands. The interesting brand gathering will give you the opportunities to meet your perfect potential partners. In addition to inspiring product development by exhibiting global new products, Wow Food Collection, Wow Food Appreciation, together with Alcohol Museum, and Tea Break Market will provide a way for emerging brands to present their products in different formats like display, tasting, and communication. Therefore, these events are must-goes for channels and distributors to select products. ??LAB is the "experimental base" for the ingredient companies to display innovative solutions. MA Global Food Packaging Design Gallery and Art of Food will bring you excellent food packaging designs and photography works. Consumer World for consumption scene experience will simulate the life of different groups of consumers, integrating products with scenes. Innova Market Insights will brings us market trends and detailed explanations. Meanwhile, the "Super Cap" mini-game is waiting for players to challenge to win the prize.




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