ASIA October 2019
Bunge launches Couva 260 NH Win for the chocolate confectionery segment
Bunge Loders Croklaan is proud to announce the official launch of Couva 260 NH Win for the Asian market on 11 September in conjunction with Fi Asia 2019 held in Bangkok recently.
This new product will open up new applications of non-hydrogenated vegetable fats to create healthy end products which will also have the ‘cleanest’ label possible.
An interview with Mr Balachandar Selvamohan, Application and Technical Sales Director of Bunge Asia Pte Ltd, has unveiled interesting insights on this new product and its applications for the food industry, particularly for the growing chocolate confectionery segment in this region.
Balachandar said, “Traditionally non-tempering Cocoa Butter Alternatives (CBA) used for making Chocolate Compounds are produced by partially hydrogenating vegetable oils (PHO) like Palm Kernel oil, Palm oil or Soybean oil. This process results in formation of trans-fats which are very bad for health. In recent times, to prevent trans-fat formation, most of the producers did full hydrogenation but still need to declare in their product label the word “Hydrogenation”. Couva 260NH Win is produced not by hydrogenation process rather using special fractionation technic to have a clean label as vegetable oil only. Since the product is not hydrogenated there is no trans fat present in this vegetable fat.”
Couva 260NH Win has many distinct advantages. Balachandar added that it is a low trans Cocoa Butter Replacer (CBR) fat, which means when making confectionery coating with it, the coating does not require tempering process thereby simplifying the flow in the production line. The key functional properties of this product that is not found in other products is the gloss retention and clean melting taste. Generally, low trans CBRs are known to have a ‘faded’ look and ‘waxy’ note because of the limitation in process which is not the case with this fat. The coating made using Couva 260NH Win is also more flexible without any cracking issues.
For the Asian market, Couva 260 NH Win will have its main application in the production of confectionery coatings for enrobing use in products like chocopie, wafers, biscuits and cakes. He emphasised that the coating made using this fat goes in harmony with end products like biscuit and cake giving them a lasting chocolate taste. The product can also be used as binder in the cereal bars.
So far, the reception for this new Bunge product has been overwhelming with enquiries coming from Far East regional confectionery players eager to try them out for application in enrobed products.

In its latest development, Couva 806 NH has recently won the coveted Most Innovative Health Ingredient Award at the recent Gulfood Manufacturing Industry Excellence Awards 2019 in Dubai.
Manuel Laborde, Vice President of Bunge Loders Croklaan Asia said, “We are very proud of this recognition. Our leading edge lipid processing technology enables us to bring an innovative product to our customers that is 5 years ahead of its time in the Asian region.”



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