ASEAN October 2019
NEW PRODUCT PROTOTYPE: High-protein Spicy Mango Chewy Candy
Confectionery manufacturers in Asia should now consider introducing candies that use less sugar but instead containing healthier natural substances with added protein.
The US Dairy Export Council (USDEC) has introduced a rather exciting product prototype – Spicy Mango Chewy – a high-protein snack made with US whey protein isolate – that has a sweet, milky, spicy and sour profile to show consumers that they can still enjoy ‘adventurous and delightful’ snacking flavours while boosting their protein intake.
This new product proposition could effectively convert a candy product from being commonly labelled as ‘high sugar-laden and unhealthy’ to a ‘high-protein tasty’ snack which will certainly offer a strong competitive advantage in the market place while opening it to a wider consumer market.
According to Martin Teo, Technical Director of Food Applications, USDEC Southeast Asia, he has submitted a sample of the new prototype product for laboratory nutritional analyst and compare it with a similar-sized Thai mango milk toffee candy from Thailand, and found that the spicy mango chewy prototype is packed with more protein and lesser sugar making it a healthier snack option. He added that the spicy mango chewy contains 3g of protein per piece, with each piece weighing 10g. On a standard nutrition information panel (NIP), this would be reflected as 30g of protein per 100g. (see Table on the left side for more information)
Due to its high protein content, this new product prototype will appeal to all age group. A manufacturer basically just need to adjust the level of chilli added so that the spiciness level of the candy can be dialed up or down to suit different countries’ and taste preferences across age groups. One possibility is the introduction of spicy and non-spicy version of the same product.
Martin said, "We intentionally incorporated the spicy element in our development of this prototype as we felt it is key to attracting the millennials, as they are a group of consumers who are constantly looking out for and discovering new and exciting food products that are also healthier. By combining the spicy, sweet, milky, and sour taste from the mango, we hope to spur and inspire more manufacturers and end-users to be creative in their product innovation with US dairy proteins in their development of healthy snacks."
Modern consumers are more sophisticated and well-informed and they are constanly looking for healthier but flavorful products, as such pricing will not be a major issue if the product meets their expectations in terms of taste and health benefits.
Martin said that USDEC product prototypes are meant to form part of its educational and outreach initiatives to support Southeast Asia’s food and beverage manufacturers with nutritional and innovation solutions. Recently, USDEC has conducted the U.S. Dairy Health and Nutrition Innovation Seminar in Singapore, where it had presented a series of new protein snack concepts with US Dairy protein, specially created to be friendlier to Southeast Asian consumers. In addition, USDEC also participated at Food Ingredients Asia 2019 in Bangkok, where it first showcased the spicy mango chewy prototype.
Martin added, "We are very excited and optimistic about the prospects for US dairy protein ingredients in this region and how they can align to consumer health and wellness trends. These product prototypes are examples of how manufacturers can meet consumers’ expectations to develop diverse flavours and alternative, convenient sources for people to optimise their daily protein intake, and most importantly to make a healthy product taste good and enjoyable. They are a positive show of how customers can enjoy healthy snacks while consuming ample protein intake on a daily basis. We hope to “raise the bar” beyond just the typical protein bar, so that more people will be able to enjoy and get their source of protein through healthy snacking."



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