ASIA ADM sees burgeoning interest for Meat-Alternatives; to showcase its protein solutions at Fi Asia September 2019
Aspiring to live a higher quality life for longer is now becoming an ever more deeply entrenched value not just in Asia but globally. Present consumers are consciously paying more attention to the impact of food on health and wellness.
According to a recent ADM plant-based study, plant based ingredients such as soy protein, ancient grains & pulses are positively associated by Asian consumers to be nutritious & healthy.
World Economic Forum (WEF) also recognises that the expanding middle class in the ASEAN region along with a rise in health awareness is leading to an increase of plant-based food intake.
The demand for plant-based ingredients will grow as this is evident in the amount of supermarket shelf space allocated to plant-based products including plant-based beverages. The term plant-based is also popping up on menus in Asia. The rise of ‘flexitarianism’ also fuels plant-based consumption where consumers also source their protein intake from soy protein and pulses. This, coupled with growing urbanisation in Asia will lead to greater demand for convenient, tasty and nutritious food products.

Growing ‘health-consciousness’ leads to higher demand for plant-based foods
As consumers become more sophisticated and health-conscious, they started to recognise plant-based foods and beverages that could lead to improving heart health and lowering cholesterol. Consumers are also looking for ‘natural’ sources of high-quality plant-based protein which are highly ‘sustainable’ and nutritious.
This trend is further supported by a general worldwide trend in which consumers are trying to cut down on meat consumption instead of total meat avoidance, as reported by Euromonitor. Chart 1.0 showed that in most countries in this study, more than 20% of the consumers are trying to cut down their intake of meat. It must however be noted that this study excludes consumers that do not eat meat, as well as those that already feel done reducing their meat intake.
Another latest survey done by Euromonitor in 2019 showed that roughly 22% of consumers globally are trying to limit their meat intake, with a slightly smaller percentage that do not eat pork (20%) or do not eat beef. (See Chart 2.0). These trends certainly bode well for the plant-based meat alternative segment signifying a huge growth potential in the future.

Future growth of Plant-based food
Plant-based drinks, led by soy milk are already well established in Southeast Asia and this segment is expected to continue to grow at 9% year-on-year in volume terms. (See Chart 3.0)
On the other hand, the global meat alternative industry has a projected CAGR of over 25%, according to Barclays “I Cant’ Believe It’s Not Meat” report in May 2019.
This growth trajectory in all segments within the plant-based category is further confirmed by Mintel’s Healthy Dining Trends – US, March 2019 Report which highlighted that ‘plant-based menu items to resonate with health-conscious and sustainability-minded diners, and this is coming to Asia’.
Indeed, restaurants from fine dining to fast food have realised the opportunity in offering plant-based menu items as diners beyond vegans and vegetarians are interested in these options. Makers of plant-based food and beverages are reaching out to the entire spectrum in the food scene.
These brands are also making their debut into the fine dining scene where it is being featured in award winning steakhouses & restaurants in Asia, providing options to diners and associating alternative proteins’ high quality ingredients. Plant-based meat products are also gaining presence on the menus in quick service restaurants to reach out to the masses.

Sarah Lim, Senior Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia, ADM said, “The plant-based movement is here to stay. This movement first started from the West and as it is becomes more accepted now by consumers, we are seeing plant-based brands starting to make their debut in Asia in supermarkets, quick service restaurants, cafes and fine dining.”

ADM uniqueness against other suppliers of plant-based ingredients
ADM brings together the art of taste and the science of texture to design the right alternative protein solutions to meet consumers’ needs today and tomorrow.
ADM understands consumer needs and formulation-specific challenges better than anyone in the industry. Its unique advantage to leverage its premium portfolio of plant-based proteins in conjunction with expert taste, nutrition, texture, functional benefits, and color considerations brings “One ADM” solutions provider to the next level. Its consumer driven solution and technical know-how brings differentiated growth for its customers in the meat alternatives segment.
ADM protein academy provides vegetable protein and flavor solutions, deep technical knowledge and more than 75 years of experience to help its customers meet consumers’ needs.
By blending functional proteins with a wide array of specialty ingredients and flavor profiles, ADM can collaborate with customers to give them an edge.

ADM to showcase innovative plant-based meat alternatives at Fi Asia 2019
Due to growing demand for complete meat substitutes, ADM application experts have developed vegan alternatives based on ADM soy protein solutions to create a typical fibrous structure and other attributes of original meat products without compromising on taste and texture. On the ADM stand at Fi Asia 2019, a plant based tasting menu replicating popular meat dishes such as nuggets will be featured.
“As one of the world's largest agricultural processors and suppliers of food ingredients, we know how to balance various ingredients to ensure perfect results. Our deep consumer understanding together with our extensive know-how in plant-based proteins, flavoring and applications make us the partner of choice to help manufacturers get to market quickly with modern solutions,” said Sarah Lim, Senior Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia, at ADM Nutrition office based in Singapore.
Visitors at Fi Asia 2019 are invited to learn more about ADM’s comprehensive protein portfolio, which will be presented in complete concepts with extraordinary creations ready to be tasted at ADM Booth in Hall 103, Stand F12.



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