MALAYSIA September 2019
Official Flavoe Launch creates room for more innovations for the BARESCA segment
Green House did its official Wow Flavoe Launch event at IBIS Styles Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 19 July 2019 with much fanfare and ended well with positive feedback from invitees that represent major bakeries, chefs, as well as representatives from government bodies.
According to Michael Yap, Regional Sales Director of Malaysia-based Green House Ingredients Sdn Bhd, the main reason for this launch was to bring new ideas into the BARESCA segment.
Green House’ emulco range of products have attracted much industry attention lately. Michael said, “The launch event manages to bring in savory aroma into sweet aroma food applications where spices and herbs mix with pandan and chocolate. This fusion of 2 different flavors into one single offering provide immense value to all our existing customers.”
Green House, as part of its ‘value-added’ customer support/services, also provides and assists its customers with product formulas/recipes thereby shortening the time its customers need for R&D to launch a new product and they can focus more time on production and marketing activities. This certainly represents a huge cost savings especially for small to medium sized bakeries and cafes.
Michael and the team at Green House were extremely pleased with the turnout at the launch event as more than 95% of those invited were present, and they comprised of executives from various industries that include manufacturing – bakery/cookies, confectionery, beverages, food; as well as from the BARESCA segment that includes bakery chain stores amongst others. With the huge turnout, Green House received a few serious inquiries to develop new formulas within the next few months.
As the new generation of consumers enjoy ‘eating out’ or having ‘afternoon snacks’ at cafes and bakery chains, they seek innovative products and Green House latest range of flavoe emulco could be part of the BARESCA solution. Michael mentioned the versatility of its flavoe emulco by giving some examples of its end-product applications:

Pandan Curry Emulco – used in Ikan Bilis Cookies
Strawberry Basil Emulco – used for Panna Cotta
Green Tea Oregano – used in Red Bean Cheese Tart
Apple Cinnamon – used in making all types of Cupcakes
Chocolate Cinnamon – used in all types of Muffins/Brownies

With the proliferation of new cafes and bakeries in Malaysia and Singapore, competition has become very intense, and Green House seeks to assure its customers that it will be there for them. It has a strong, youthful and passionate Application Team that keep themselves abreast of latest developments in the BARESCA segment, as such Green House customers will also be assured of latest innovations in the form of new product concepts or ideas coming out from Green House.
Green House has also actively participated in regional trade shows, making it exposed to new product ideas from both domestic as well as overseas markets.
Some of Green House customers have reaped immediate success by using its latest fusion flavors of emulco. One of the invitees at the Flavoe Launch event is a lady owner of a bakery in Kuantan, Pahang who saw her sales jumped 30 percent daily since she started using Green House latest series of flavoe emulco which includes the popular Pandan Curry flavour.
Green House’ most popular emulco product is the chocolate variant which contributes 40% to its total emulco sales with an annual capacity of 130 tonnes. This is followed by pandan coconut, coffee, orange, yuzu, gula melaka and milk emulco flavours.
This year, Green House will focus on promoting its Flavoe emulco series through trade shows overseas as well as in the domestic Malaysian market, working with its authorised reseller in West Malaysia to organise road shows and live baking with its pastry chef. Green House has also used social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to offer regular online recipes and live demonstration videos.
Michael added that Green House is now planning for new flavour introductions for 2020, and it will continue to look into fusion flavours i.e. the blending of savory into sweet base in bakery.
Green House will be participating at Fi Asia 2019 in Bangkok at Booth Number P37. Visitors can come and sample the latest range of cakes done by its pastry chef. At the same time, it is looking for importer with strong distribution network in the bakery and food industry segment, and agent/s for the Middle East and African region.



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