ASIA July 2019
Taiwan Beer attests to Krones efficient Filling/Packing Technology to maintain its market dominance
The Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation (TTL) is over 100 years old and it operates 4 breweries in the country with the first plant, Taipei Brewery established in 1919 followed by the other 3 breweries namely Jhunan, Wurih and Shanhua Breweries which serve the north, central and south markets in Taiwan offering a diversified choice of high quality beers. These 4 breweries help to retain the position of TTL’s Taiwan Beer as the market leader in the beer segment.
TTL’s Shanhua Brewery, built in 1973 with an annual capacity of 500,000 litres went through capacity expansion twice to boost its total production to 2 million litres. In recent years, Taiwan beer market has been growing rapidly and has also been opening up to both domestic as well as foreign beer players. With the growing competition, Shanhua Brewery decided again to invest in a state-of-the-art automatic packaging line to replace its efficient lines so as to upgrade its competitiveness. By 2018, 2 glass and canning lines each, and one kegging line had already been replaced. TTL has decided to opt for Krones in 4 of its bottling and canning lines to increase its production efficiency.
Of all the newly erected lines, it is the canning line which was just installed in 2018, for which Krones acted as the general contractor, that attracts a lot of attention. It handles 90,000 cans per hour in the 0.33 and 0.5-litre sizes. The empty containers are first of all depalletised by a Pressant Universal 1A, and transported to the Volumetic VODM-C filler, which is accommodated in a cleanroom. Via a lengthy buffering section, the cans are passed to a LinaFlex double-deck pasteuriser. After filling, heating and cool-down, a Checkmat inspector verifies that the fill level is correct. In addition, the cans pass through another three of these systems, in which shape, coding and leakproof integrity are checked, to fulfil the company’s stringent quality requirements. The next station is the packer. The Variopac Pro WTS-7 places the individual cans either in cartons or in 4- or 6-packs in over-top-open packs. The final stop is the Modulpal Pro 1AD. Its two columns ensure that the machine can keep pace with the line’s high output during palletising as well: while one of them places the finished layers on the pallet, the other inserts the cardboard layer pads.
TTL’s Brewery Director Hsieh Chin Fun explained with a smile, “The new line is extremely efficient – it’s where our staff prefer working.” They are tasked primarily with monitoring the production operation and topping up with cans, lids and cartons. “This is only possible thanks to the high output. We’re really very satisfied.” The new line is currently TTL’s fastest and most efficient – and with such production efficiency, “We are confident that we can stay market leader in Taiwan with Taiwan Beer in the future as well,” added Hsieh.



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