MALAYSIA July 2019
Malaysia to export 1,000 tonnes of Frozen Durian to China monthly
Malaysia’s Agriculture and Agro-based Ministry expects around 1,000 tonnes of Malaysia's frozen whole durian to enter the Chinese market every month.
The export protocol was signed on 20 August 2018 in Beijing, China. Initially, 5 companies are given the permit to export the fruit to China, namely Exofruits Industry Sdn Bhd, JL Food Industries Sdn Bhd, PHG Ever Fresh Food (M) Sdn Bhd, Top Fruits Sdn Bhd and KAMI Food Services Sdn Bhd but more companies will join in the near future. Latest update confirmed that 9 companies already got the permit to export.
The Ministry is confident that the domestic durian industry is able to meet local as well as international, including China, demand. Presently, domestic production of durian has been steadily increasing from 211,000 tonnes in 2017 to 341,000 metric tonnes in 2018. Premium quality harvests like Musang King and Black Thorn have also witnessed growth in production.
Malaysia started exporting frozen durian in the form of pulps and paste to China in May 2011.
Malaysia’s exports of durian is expected to contribute close to RM500 million (US$121.7 million) to the country's total export value annually. In 2018, it exported 235.6 tonnes or RM9.44 million (US$2.3 million) worth of durians to China, but this number is expected to jump after China permitted the import of frozen whole durian from Malaysia.
Pahang Durian Traders Association Chairman Lai Wei Quan said the decision by China will further expand the premium Musang King durian market. Melissa Yap, the Chairman for Pahang's fruit farmers' association, said farmers have waited the good news of exporting whole durian to China for 12 years.
Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia (APDAM) President Dr Clinton Chai said the approval by China for the export of frozen whole durian offers promising prospect in the durian industry. He added that the quality of Malaysia’s Musang King durian is better than what offered by Thailand. It is expected to be the top durian breed preferred by the Chinese market. Nevertheless, Malaysia still lags far behind Thailand when it comes to durian volume exported to China.
Small plantation owners in Malaysia are encouraged to modernise their farming and equipments to manage growing demand from China, apart from applying for Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices (myGAP) certification in order to be allowed to be exported.
Chinese consumers are also now able to purchase durian through e-commerce platforms owned by Alibaba. The fruit will be carried by Alibaba's Freshippo, a robot-driven restaurant and supermarket, and cross-border e-commerce platform Tmall and will help empower Malaysian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) via the first overseas Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) hub established in Malaysia in 2017.
Apart from China, Malaysia is also now working on exporting durians to other countries like Korea, India and Taiwan. Presently, durians from Malaysia are exported to the US, Australia and Hong Kong.
Malaysia has set year 2020 as Malaysia Tourism Year and it plans to promote Durian Tourism to the Chinese where they can also visit durian orchards in Malaysia and savour fresh durians too.



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