GLOBAL Kemin unveils new logo and global vision to reach 80% of world’s population May 2019
Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, has recently unveiled its new global vision and logo to align the company strategically for 2042 and beyond.
The new vision, “Kemin strives to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with our products and services”, lays the groundwork for strategic growth and priorities for the company with operations on 6 continents and a portfolio of more than 500 specialty ingredients.
Previously, Kemin reached 3.8 billion lives – more than half the world’s population – every day through its products and services for humans, animals and pets. This vision was set in 1998, with a target goal of 2019. Kemin achieved this milestone 2 years earlier than target.
By 2042, the world’s population will reach approximately 10 billion people. For Kemin to transform 80% of the world’s population – approximately 8 billion – people must encounter Kemin products 5 times each day. From sunrise to sunset, a person may have eggs for breakfast, feed their pet, wear jeans, take a supplement and purchase bakery items or meat at the market – all opportunities that include Kemin ingredients.
“When we created our previous vision 20 years ago, it was ambitious and encompassed all aspects of our business. Since then, Kemin has grown 10-fold, and now the impact we can create is even greater,” said Dr. Chris Nelson, President and CEO, Kemin. “By using our scientific expertise at the molecular level and continuing to innovate, we have the ability to be transformative on a global scale in a rapidly changing and growing marketplace. With a new vision to guide us, we are reenergised to reach more people with our products and services to truly transform the quality of life around the world.”
Along with this vision, the new Kemin logo (see above) reflects the company’s focus on future growth while respecting its history through a thoughtful evolution of the Kemin brand identity.
“Our previous logo was encased with a thick, red circle in the signature Kemin red. Now without a border, the new logo represents transparency and innovation,” said Haley Stomp, Senior Vice President – Worldwide Marketing, Kemin. “The stylised ‘K’ remains, paying homage to the 2 previous Kemin logos. The red arch represents forward movement and calls attention to the ‘I’, emphasising Kemin’s innovation. The ‘N’ behind the red arch represents the Nelson family who stand behind Kemin now, as they have since the company’s founding, and will continue to do so for generations to come.”
Kemin remains privately-owned and has expanded into the human and animal health and nutrition, aquaculture, pet food, nutraceutical, food technologies, crop technologies and textile industries, with presence in 90 countries and manufacturing locations in Belgium, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Russia, San Marino, Singapore, South Africa and the US.
Some of Kemin’s major product innovations for the food industry include EN-HANCE® and the FORTIUM® product line to assist with oxidation, shelf life and color preservation. Kemin also launched Sal CURB®, BactoCEASE® and other products to help prevent food spoilage. Another of its product, Myco CURB®, a non-corrosive feed preservative, inhibits typical mold growth found in commercial grain, which also led to the creation of SHIELD® to prevent mold growth in tortilla products. Kemin has also utilised botanical ingredients like Rosemary to produce FORTIUM® R to protect against flavor and color loss in consumer food, and in NATUROX® to naturally keep pet food fresh. Kemin used naturally sourced spearmint extract to target working memory – the part of the brain that supports attention, focus and productivity – with Neumentix®, a nootropic found in health supplements that improves cognitive function, agility and reaction performance without disrupting sleep. Kemin also uses potato (tuber) as a natural extract to create Slendesta® to assist with healthy weight management in humans.
Kemin is dedicated to fostering healthy people, a healthy planet and a healthy business. “We believe the industries we serve and the science we stand behind offer endless opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and increase our contribution – all while continuing to serve our customers to transform the quality of life around the world,” added Dr. Nelson. “With inspired molecular solutions, we are using science to provide answers to the world’s challenges related to food, feed and health for humans and animals. We’ve turned our attention to ensuring that what we do at Kemin today creates a better tomorrow.”



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