MALAYSIA Green House launches innovative 'East meets West' Flavoe Emulco May 2019
When it comes to Emulco, no company beats Green House in this region in terms of the range and varieties of emulco that it can offer to meet the challenging Asian palate.
Michael Yap, Regional Sales Director of Malaysia-based Green House Ingredients Sdn Bhd, has earlier unveiled the launch of its new fusion flavours of emulco in April this year, under its new generation Flavoe Emulco range which includes exciting 'East meets West' flavours like Pandan Curry, Strawberry Basil, Chocolate Cinnamon, Apple Cinnamon and Green Tea Oregano.
These new flavors open up a wide range of possibilities for bakers to produce adventurous or savory flavours to pastry and bakery products, to meet the challenging taste of the new generation consumers.
Michael said, "The new fusion flavors was inspired by friends and associates from the Netherlands who are in the herbs & spices business, and as Green House was actively participating in European fairs in the past couple of years like Anuga and SIAL Paris, it was discovered that Europeans are not aware of Asian flavors like Pandan, as such the idea came about to introduce pandan and other flavours like green tea with combination of herbs and spices."
These exciting flavours of emulco will offer solutions to the Baresca segment (i.e. bakery, restaurant and cafe) in Asia which is now an extremely fragmented and competitive segment, whose players' survival depends very much on how rapidly they adjust and innovate their products to meet the sophisticated tastes of the new generation Y and Z consumers.
The new Asian consumers desire for adventurous flavors from nasi lemak cake and burger, to bubble tea cake and onde-onde and chendol cupcakes among others. Green House new generation Flavoe Emulco might be the answer for the BARESCA industry to fulfill some of these needs. Flavoe Emulco is uniquely created from a combination of traditional flavor with herbs flavor to 'WOW' the gourmet lovers.
The new range of Flavoe Emulco offers 3 major advantages to bakers. Michael said, "The new Flavoe Emulco is heat stable; offers a new fusion of aroma and flavour where Europe meets Asia; and has a unique combination of flavor, herbs and color to capture a new breed of consumers."
Indeed, the spice and herbs will give a flavor twist to the traditional straight flavors like pandan, strawberry or green tea. With the right amount of herbs and spices already formulated in Flavoe Emulco, this will offer convenience and ease of use and application to the baker to produce excellent products with the right balance of flavors.
Green House not only sells emulco to its Baresca customers, but it also adds value by offering online marketing support that includes regular online new recipes with live videos. Michael said, "We create new recipes every month so as to allow our customers the ability to launch new cakes, cookies and breads during major festive occasions like Chinese New Year, New Year, Ramadan season etc."
At present, the Baresca segment in Asia Pacific, particularly in the major cities of Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok are extremely competitive with most players working under a tight margin, and competing to offer innovative products which can offer higher margins. Latest research from MarketLine estimated the Asia Pacific Bakery & Cereals Market to reach a value of US$105.3 billion in 2018, with healthy annual growth of 5.6%. The report also highlighted that Cakes, Pastries & Sweet Pies represented the largest segment within this market accounting for 32.5% share or approximately US$34.25 billion. Meanwhile, sales from the Bread and Rolls segment reached US$26.37 billion, contributing 25% of the total market value. In terms of distribution, the artisanal producers which include bakeries (BARESCA), contributed 16.9% share of the market.
Although statistics showed a rather huge number, this however does not take into account the growing number of bakeries that are opened every year in this region, thereby making this market even more fragmented and competitive. Not to mention, many bakeries and cafes which lack 'creativity' were also forced to close down during the same period.



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