ASIA June 2019
Schenck Process to showcase its Kemutec Kek® Centrifugal Sifter at Propak Asia
Dried dairy powders had its origins as early as 1300s when world-known traveler, Marco Polo noticed Mongolian troops under Kublai Khan carrying a paste-like sun-dried skim milk.
Presently, dried dairy powders are available in many forms from whole, low fat, and non-fat milk, buttermilk to cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream, and butter powder.
Schenck Process is proud to showcase its Kek® Centrifugal Sifter which forms an integral part of the manufacturing process for dry dairy powder.

Dry Dairy Powder production
Milk, either whole, skim or buttermilk is concentrated in an evaporator to approximately 50% milk solids. The concentrated milk is then sprayed into a heated chamber where the water instantaneously evaporates. This process produces an end product of fine milk powder particles.
Another process, drum drying or fluid bed drying, is the process where a thin coating of dairy product is applied to the surface of a heated drum for evaporation. This process alters the properties of the dairy powder including flavor, solubility and bulk density.

Kek® Centrifugal Sifter and its applications
Kemutec’s Kek® Centrifugal Sifter is integral to the Dry Dairy Powder Process in that it de-agglomerates and polices the dried powder before packaging.
De-Agglomeration is the process of breaking up or dispersing particles that have clumped, aggregated, or clustered together. Dry Dairy Powders can become agglomerated due to environmental conditions, weight, and fat content of the dairy powder. The Kek® Centrifugal Sifter de-agglomerates the powder in preparation for further processing.
The Kek® Centrifugal Sifter is also used to police or to do sifting of the bulk dry product to remove extraneous materials and unwanted items.
In addition, it also helps to do de-dusting – i.e. removal of fines generated during processing and handling that will otherwise spoil the appearance of a packed product or cause a problem during subsequent processing.
In addition, centrifugal sifters also help to enliven stored product to give it a more uniform density and to smoothen product flow.

The Kek® Centrifugal Sifter offers the following features:
• High Capacity & High-Efficiency Sifting
• Gravity and Inline Pneumatic Conveying Designs
• Cantilever Shaft – No Oversize Bearing or Seal
• 30 Second Screen Changes
• 7 Model Sizes in Range
• Rates – From a Few Pounds to Over 200,000 lb/hr
• Easy Disassembly for Cleaning and Maintenance

(For more details on Kek® Centrifugal Sifter and Kemutec’s full range of products, please contact Schenck Process at +65 6775 6237 or



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