Dirty Bread craze moving down south

Recent growing trend in consumption of ‘dirty bread’ or buns, literally called ‘zang zang bao’ in Chinese, has proliferated in China and Taiwan.
Dirty bread is believed to have originated from Beijing, and is so called for the mess that the bread left on the consumer face after eating it, as it is dusted with toppings ranging from matcha to chocolate.
The sensational popularity of ‘zang zang bao’ has led to more than 50 bread shops in Beijing alone selling their own versions of dirty bread.
The craze does not stop in China and Taiwan as it has moved down south to Singapore with many local bakeries quick to launch their own versions. One major local bakery chain, BreadTalk has launched 4 flavours of dirty bread namely ultimate chocolate, lemon white chocolate, dinosaur and green tea.
The trend has also spread to Malaysia, with bakery stores in the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Johore Baru launching their own unique versions.
Dirty Bread could be the next big thing to happen in the bakery segment in this region.