World's first Organic Sugar-free Lollipops launched in Singapore

US-based Koochikoo® brand has recently launched the world’s first organic sugar-free lollipops during FHA2018 exhibition in Singapore in late-April.
Koochikoo® lollipops is the result of 4 years R&D effort, a product with zero sugar sweetened with organic prebiotic fiber that delivers a soft sweetness similar to honey and a whopping 5+ grams of fiber per 6g lollipop. In addition, each lollipop is also gluten free, vegan, non-GMO and contains only 10 calories.
The brand name ‘Koochikoo’ is derived from a native American dialect meaning ‘tickle’. Sally Cox, CEO for Koochikoo said, “With diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity, tooth decay and related health concerns, people’s relationship with sugar is on the cusp of a significant paradigm shift. We are leading the way by offering a healthful indulgence without sugar.”
According to Sally, most people who tried the lollipops are astonished by its great taste, being organic yet sugar-free. We interviewed Sally during FHA2018 and asked her how was the reception for her new products. She answered, “Fantastic results. We have new distributors coming on-line in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and China with potential distributors from Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei.
Sally is optimistic that the future for sugar-free lollipop is ‘sweet yet sugar-free’. Consumers for these lollipops need not be just kids as they can extend to all age-groups. Sally added that Koochika® will be launching new variants namely candy drops and peppermint drops for the more mature consumers by August 2018.
At present Koochika® lollipops are available in 4 fruity flavors namely Pineapple Orange, Fuji Apple, Blueberry Lemon and Pomegranate Blueberry.
Recommended selling price for Koochika® lollipops range from US$3.59 for the 10ct pouch to US$7 for the 20 pop canister.
Judging by the growing health concerns among Asian consumers as well as by their governments to curtail excessive sugar consumption, the launch of sugar-free lollipops is timely.