Salvest to launch Smushie Supersmoothie in this region

Over 40 European organic food and beverage producers from 14 different EU member states have recently arrived in Singapore from 15 to 17 May to introduce their products all of which are EU Organic certified to the South East Asia market.
One of the more interesting product is from Salvest Ltd, a new organic supersmoothie that is more than just a drink but a healthy ready meal alternative. An interview with Joonas Puvi, Manager of Salvest Ltd said that smushies are creamy, full of flavors and packaged in a convenient squeezable pouch that is easy for on-the-go consumption. Made using the best organic ingredients, Smushies are high in fiber content, packed with superfood elements and produced from pure fruit purees, instead of concentrates. They do not contain any added sugar, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.
It is currently available in 3 variants namely Smushie Blackcurrant and coconut smoothie with chia seeds; Smushie Blueberry and yogurt smoothie with quinoa flakes; and Smushie Mango and orange smoothie with dates, all in 170g squeezable pouch packaging. The recommended selling price is S$3.30 to S$4.00 (US$2.46-$3.00).
Smushies is a relatively new product just launched in Estonia in November 2017. Now, it is already available in France, Greece and several other European countries. Positive consumer reactions and demand from existing markets have encouraged Salvest to establish a presence in newer regions, such as Asia Pacific. This June, the product will be launched for the first time in Asia in Hong Kong.
Joonas said, "Asia is a prime market for us as we continue to see strong demand for healthy food products in the region. Hong Kong will be the first Asian launch market. In South east Asia, we plan to enter Singapore and Vietnam first as they are markets that have the most potential for the organic food and beverage sector."
This product serves as an organic, healthy snack that is conveniently packaged for on-the-go consumption suitable for individuals with busy lifestyles that get in the way of a healthy lifstyle.
Joonas added, "Snacking on-the-go is no longer just a trend, it is now becoming a way of life. Consumers with hectic lifestyles tend to indulge in sweet biscuits, snack bars and fruit snacks as in-between meal solutions to subside their hunger pangs. In fact, Euromonitor projected a significant increase in the sales of convenient sweet biscuits, snack bars and fruit snacks in Singapore from 15,600 tonnes in 2017 to 16,740 tonnes in 2022. Many consumers tend to perceive these products as convenient meal substitutes, especially when they are constantly on the move. However, these snacks may not provide the full nutritional value of a meal. Fortunately, consumer awareness of healthy food options is also increasing. In fact, 79% of Singaporeans are actively making better dietary choices according to a recent Nielsen survey. These 2 trends combined are driving the strong demand for nutritious on-the-go meal substitutes. Smoothies is one popular option for these consumers."
Joonas commented that, "In the future, we predict that consumers will start believing that less is more. This means that products should contain only lean ingredients and free from added sugar, preservatives, colorings, etc. Food products will have to be as pure as possible, resulting in the increased demand for organic food that is produced without pesticides. In some food categories, organic produce is not a trend but more a must. For example, organic baby food is the most popular food category among consumers as parents aim to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in their young. Babies that are raised to consume organic baby food have a higher tendency to continue organic eating habits throughout their life."
Salvest' Smushie Supersmoothie is a 'baby food' meant for adults. It is a growing trend in adults to consume organic baby food that is packaged in convenient squeezable pouches. Smushies are smoothies with superfood elements. After the initial launch in Estonia, Salvest conducted an in-depth survey with 300 Smushies consumers and found that 91% of consumers liked the products, especially in terms of taste and convenient consumption.