TH Group to up dairy investments and expand to Singapore

In 2018, TH Group has set its goal of expanding into the Vietnamese fresh milk market as it plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into the construction of numerous high-tech agricultural projects in Vietnam focusing on fresh milk as well as other food products that include organic vegetables, herbs and fruits.
The group is now fast-tracking the construction of its large-scale high-tech dairy farm in the south-central city of Phu Yen. The project’s first phase, worth US$53 million, covers 82 hectares of land. “We will also implement many other foodstuff projects,” said Thai Huong, Founder of TH Group.
The group is also boosting the construction of 2 other dairy farming and fresh milk processing facilities in Ha Giang and Thanh Hoa provinces, with the total investment capital of US$287 million.
Since 2008, TH Group has been operating a US$1.2 billion high-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in the central province of Nghe An.
Apart from domestic dairy projects, the group is also investing overseas and is presently constructing a US$2.7 billion high-tech concentrated dairy and fresh milk production project in Russia and a similar project in Bashkortostan, a federal republic of Russia.
Recently, TH Group had also started marketing its products in Singapore by showcasing its TH True Milk products during FHA2018, a major regional food and beverage exhibition. TH Group is also working with Sheng Siong, a major grocery retailer in Singapore, to sell its products that include TH true Milk, TH true Herbal and TH true NUT.