Vietnamese beer wins Gold Medals at international beer competitions

Carlsberg Vietnam has announced that its Huda and Huda Gold brand has won 3 gold medals at the World Beer Awards 2017 (WBA) in the UK, the Berlin International Beer Competition (BIBC), and the Monde Selection in Belgium.
Huda is the only beer trademark in Vietnam that has won the gold medals at these international beer competition series.
The awards have proven the excellent quality of the Vietnamese beer brand, affirming its position as the pride of Central Vietnam for nearly 3 decades. Stefano Clini, General Director of Carlsberg Vietnam said, “Being present in the central region of Vietnam since 1990, the quality and design of Huda has been continuously improved to bring high-grade beer to all beer lovers. As a well-known brand of excellence and high-quality, Huda is not only favoured in the domestic market but also convinced leading experts in the world beer industry to win the honourable prizes.”
Carlsberg Group will continue to target Vietnam as one of its key markets in Asia to cash in on the lucrative local beer market. Currently, Carlsberg major products in the north-central region are Huda and Huda Gold, accounting for 80% of the firm’s total sales volume. In the north, Carlsberg, Tuborg and Halida are the firm’s main products.