Ayam Brand's latest Chilli Tuna variant adds fire to the lips

With growing consumer preference for hot and spicy food not only in Asia but across the world, Ayam Sarl (Denis Group) has launched its latest super-hot variant Ayam Chilli Tuna with a spiciness level of 5 in October.
Malaysians love spicy food and Ayam Brand currently offers 3 levels of spiciness for its Chilli Tuna variants, i.e. level 2 (Light), level 3 (Original) and level 5 (Fire-Hot). Consumers are advised to stick to either 2 or 3, and only take level 5 if they have a strong crave for super spicy food. As a result, the packaging for level 5 variant comes with a 'Warning: Extremely Hot' to advise consumers before purchasing it.
The 3 variants are packed in 160g can and comprise of fine bites of tuna in hot chilli sauce. In Malaysia, the 3 variants are sold at RM5.90 (US$1.40). They are Halal certified by JAKIM and is an extremely popular product in Malaysia and Singapore.
Meanwhile, around the same time, Ayam Brand has also launched its Tuna Chunks in Organic Olive Oil, and Tuna Flakes in Organic Broth. The wild caught tuna comes in organic certified extra virgin olive oil.