Nuhoney launches 100% natural honey soda beverage

Nuhoney Pte Ltd has launched its ‘nuhoney’ lightly carbonated honey soda to the Singapore market in September. It is now available at major stores like Fairprice in a 250ml can packaging at S$1.60, and can also be bought online at a cheaper price in 1 or 2 carton packaging.
Consumers often address carbonated drinks as ‘unhealthy’ and with the growing incidence of diabetes among Singaporeans, the launch of nuhoney is timely with consumers still able to enjoy carbonated but a healthy drink alternative. Nuhoney is in support of Singapore government’s movement to address the rise in diabetic cases in the country due to rising consumption for sugary beverages.
According to Sherman Lim, Business Development Manager for Goodwell Ventures, “We are planning to launch 5 more SKUs within the nuhoney beverage segment sometime in early 2018. Currently, these products are still undergoing vigorous testing before their launch into the market. In addition, we are planning to export nuhoney to China and Malaysia after Chinese New Year next year.” Nuhoney plans to export its product to the world within a span of 2 to 3 years.
Nuhoney is contract manufactured in Malaysia by Nuhoney Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Goodwell Ventures Pte Ltd, and its main ingredients include carbonated water and 100% natural honey. On the cover of its packaging, one can read ‘Yay ! Soda is finally good’ and ‘100% natural honey; 0% sugar additives; 0% preservatives; and lightly sparkling’ to signify the product positioning as a healthy but lightly carbonated substitute to the carbonated sugary beverages.
Nuhoney has taken 4 years of research and development to perfect this product in partnership with food labs in Singapore. Nuhoney has also won the 2015-2017 SIFST Food Product Award for Innovation. It also represented Singapore in the 17th IUFoST World Congress of Food Science & Technology in which it came in 3rd for Most Innovative Ingredient.