Palsgaard to expand in Shanghai to meet growing demand for Sustainable Emusifiers

Sustainable, vegetable-based emulsifiers from Palsgaard are a perfect fit into the China market where food safety and sustainability are of growing concerns among consumers.
With this, Palsgaard opens a new application centre in Shanghai to assist Chinese manufacturers directly to meet regulatory pressures and consumer needs for healthier, safer and more sustainable food products. In the past, manufacturers have to rely on Palsgaard’s service from its other application centres in Denmark, Mexico and Singapore.
Palsgaard’s new Shanghai application centre which was opened on 6 September includes a fully equipped bakery where the company’s bakery application specialists can help customers test and develop new recipes for cake mixes based on the company’s unique Emulpals® and Palsgaard® SA ranges. These powdered emulsifiers are very easy to work with, and can be used for aerated and non-aerated cakes in bakers’ mixes, retail mixes and industrial cakes. They offer the versatility, uniformity and robustness required by each type of cake and production process – as well as the right aeration, moisture control, crumb structure and health profile. The new bakery also includes facilities for producing cake gels based on Palsgaard’s high quality emulsifiers and allows manufacturers to test the effect of their cake gels on site.
In addition, a new ice cream application facilities are also in place at the centre, enabling Palsgaard specialists to help customers incorporate highly functional emulsifier/stabiliser systems in ice creams to achieve just the right mouth-feel, creaminess, melt-down properties and fat content. Additionally, the centre can help to protect products against the effects of heat shock, which is becoming a focal point for ice cream manufacturers keen to maintain quality once the product leaves the factory.
Palsgaard has a long list of achievements to boast of from becoming the first emulsifier manufacturer in the world to achieve 100% CO2 neutrality in 2015, to being the first to achieve a full product range based on RSPO certified segregated sustainable palm oil in 2016. In 2017, Palsgaard was also the first food ingredients company to join Act NOW, an organisation formed to promote sustainable value chains.
Headquartered in Denmark, Palsgaard’s activities have become increasingly global, with a sales organization covering over 100 countries.