Rising demand for Sports Nutrition Beverages

The following are interesting excerpts from a presentation made by Mr Ekaphol Pongstabhon, Managing Director of Tipco Foods Pcl, during the Asia Drink Conference 2017 held on 16 June at Propak Asia 2017 exhibition in Bangkok.
The Global Health & Wellness Food & Beverage segment is estimated at approximately US$1 trillion, with Thailand market alone estimated at Bt 170 billion (US$5.07 billion) with a high CAGR of 9.1%.
There is also a growing trend for sports nutrition, which grows in tandem with rising sports and active lifestyle trends across the region. In Thailand alone, there are more than 800 running events in 2017, its highest record ever.
Latest research by Mintel involving a sample base of 990 people showed that there is a growing consumer interest in sports nutrition particularly those containing natural food ingredients (see Table 1.0).
There are 3 consumer demands for sports nutrition beverages and this include its ability to provide refreshment (i.e. thirst quenching, replenishing lost minerals) and healthy hydration (i.e. less sugar); its ability to support muscle building or recovery (i.e. repair, maintain and build muscles); and it is convenient and on-the-go for active lifestyles.